Who are you?

This website is part of UK Pen Blanks, who are owned by Mabie Todd Ltd.

We are based in England and are the sole UK distributor of Frogwood® Pen Blanks.

The names Frogwood® and Frog Blanks are registered trademarks of Streamers LLC in USA, who manufacture Frogwood® and supply to us.

Mabie Todd Ltd and Streamers LLC are not legally connected. Our relationship is supplier & distributor.


What is Frogwood®

Frogwood is a high quality engineered dyed laminated birch hardwood

Made in the USA. Our factory has been producing laminated engineered materials for more than thirty years, and fabricates large component parts for the US military.

Made only with grade A and grade B white birch for great machining and consistent appearance Specialized manufacturing process gives strong, fully-saturated colors that are consistent throughout each panel and from batch to batch

Most similar to Webbwood™, Spectraply® & Rutland Colorwood®

Tell me about the Frogwood® manufacturing process

Frogwood® is a manufactured engineered laminated birch hardwood, constructed with the grain of all the individual laminations aligned along the same direction. This ensures that when Frogwood blanks are turned, the material cuts consistently without any tearing of the material. ALL Frogwood blanks are cut with the grain.

Frogwood laminations are dyed using water-soluble FDA approved dyes, and every panel of the material made goes through an autoclave moisture removal process. This extends the manufacturing time, but it minimizes any shrinkage issues and eliminates the cracking problems often seen in imported laminated birch materials.

As in most laminated bonded wood products, Frogwood does contain some formaldehyde from the lamination bonding agent. Levels are kept as low as possible consistent with the delivery of a robust reliable product.

Can I order Frogwood® in different colours?

Please get in touch with us to discuss. Custom colour layups can be made for orders as small as one 48″ x 14″ panel. Custom colours are subject to minimum order requirements and may require longer turnaround time than our standard products.

A full payment in advance will be required for custom orders, the deposit is non-refundable after manufacturing commences.

I own a pen turning/craft shop, can I stock Frogwood®?

Yes you can!

Frogwood® Pen Blanks in the UK have a single distributor, Mabie Todd Ltd who manage this website and other pen turning sites including UK Pen Blanks.

If you own a web shop and/or bricks & mortar shop please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, using our contact form.